Sunday, March 5, 2017


I'm so glad to see autumn making an appearance. The heat can remain a memory until next summer. Thank you. Now if some decent rain would fall but we can't have it all our own way.

I spent the last throes of summer working in the garden when I could. But mostly staying indoors keeping cool, writing letters for Letter Mo, reading and most definitely not baking. Our oven is broken and apparently too old to repair so we are working on what to do.

Brain Killer chilli

The summer garden has been quite productive. It's surprising how well it has stood up to the heat and wind we have had to endure. The tomatoes and chillies of course have been the best performers. I planted quite a few pumpkins in the spring but as always it was the volunteer pumpkin in the compost heap that has outshone them all. I'm glad the seed came from an organic jap pumpkin and it is producing true to type.


The herb garden has needed some attention. I let the path get very weedy so it has kept me busy this week. Only a couple of square metres to go so should be presentable by this evening. I've been piling up Johnsons grass runners and plants to burn once it is permitted. It came in with some mulch and is proving a demon to get rid of.

Like I said, the chillies have been great producers this summer. There are still plenty more out there. I hope some will overwinter. I've been enjoying experimenting with curry pastes, trying to get the spice level just right. We generally like our curries quite spicy which is lucky.

Back to school and university has also taken up some time too.

Anyway. That's some of what I have been doing while I've been absent from the online world this past month. I didn't realise it had been so long since I posted. Time just gets away.

Bye for now,


kiwikid said...

Ooooo a brain killer chilli...that sounds super hot!!! Good to see the garden is still producing for you. Our tomatoes are nearly done, the corn also, I had one today for lunch and it was great. Thank you for your letter, will get to a reply this week.

River said...

The bowl of chillies is a great photo. It would make a nice poster if you like that sort of thing hanging in your kitchen.
May I copy it to hang in my kitchen?

Lisa said...

Your oven, broken! Not good. But you're a good cook, Tracy, and I know you won't be starving. :D
I'm glad the heat is gone now.

Sharmayne said...

What are you studying at Uni ? Good luck with the chillie paste - we aren't fans here but our daughters partner loves chillies and spicy food

Janice said...

Yes, the garden certainly keeps you busy at this time of the year. All the work of the last months coming to fruition. Enjoy playing with your chillis.

Joolz said...

Wow, those tiny chillies look suuuper hot!