Saturday, March 11, 2017

Planting and such

A box of goodies arriving from Diggers is always exciting. I'm looking forward to getting all that garlic in the ground plus the homegrown cloves I have. I must have planted the right amount last year (not that I remember how many that was) because we still have some garlic left to eat as well as plant. It rarely works out so well.

I ran out of the crimson and chocolate flowered broad beans and they really do look lovely in the garden so I ordered some of those too. From what I can tell, they don't have any difference in taste but they do add some interest to the colour palette of the garden when they are in flower.

Having the usual problem a change of season brings. The old plants- tomatoes, chillies, eggplants, beans etc are still in fine form but I need room for the winter vegies. So I'm pulling out bits and pieces and popping plants here and there in the spaces available. I did hoe a rather large patch to grow some overwinter grains.

What else have I been up to. The regular work plus a road trip yesterday to pick up my parents. It was lovely to see my sister who met me half way.

I've had to go shopping more than I like too. Someone in my household loves to walk around clothes shops and can do it for longer than my nerves can cope with. I think her next shopping expedition will have to be with friends. 😧 Having said that I can probably spend quite some time walking around plant shops without the same anguish.

Anyway. I am home alone and not for long and I want to get those garlics in the ground.



Sharmayne said...

Sounds like it worked well having garlic on hand while the new lot get planted and begin growing! At least staggered planting will give you a more drawn out picking season which could be rather handy! I won't be getting any veggies in - waiting till we sell and move! And I agree with you on the shopping front - not much patience with dress shops but all day with plants, and yarn lol

Debbie said...

Hi Tracy...I hope you are well. That letter is on it's way...I promise!...I see you are going to be very busy with the planting. I love the sound of the chocolate and crimson flowered broad beans. Debbie xx

River said...

I have tried to grow garlic for years, never yet managed it. I should probably buy reliable stock from Diggers, but I'd have to join again. I always just tried planting a few cloves from garlic I'd bought at the supermarket. It grows green shoots, but then disappears. I'll stick to just buying what I need.

kiwikid said...

Great box of goodies from Diggers. Our tomatoes have finished now and I need to get down the garden and dig them out. Hope the garlic goes well for you again this year and thkse broad beans sound great. Good luck with the planting.

Jane Allan said...

Tracy my daughter is much the same in shopping centres. When she was a teenager I would take her to the shopping centre where she could go on a lovely wander around. I would gift myself a magazine and a nice coffee in a café. My daughter had one hour to do her 'looking' and then we had the big drive home.