Saturday, January 6, 2018

An easy crafty finish

It may not be much but I did start and finish making something on Wednesday night. I repurposed some Christmas placemats (just two pieces of fabric stitched together) into drawstring bags to hold some sweets for my nephews. It took next to no time and required not much effort at all but it did feel good to use my sewing machine and to actually make something. I hope there will be plenty more finishes ahead.

I have been enjoying the start to this year. A visit with my sister and the two nephews mentioned. They pretty much emptied the bags of their contents in record time. Ready to be refilled for next Christmas 😋. They also exhausted me with their abundance of energy ( could have been the sugar).

Time in my garden has been mostly about watering. It is hot and expected to be even hotter over the weekend. But the garden is growing well and although in the hottest parts of the day, things look sad and wilted, they perk up with a drink and when the sun goes behind the hills in the evening.

I went to town yesterday and forgot to buy batteries for my camera so unless I can scrounge around for some here I might have to use some older pictures for the time being. Of course they went flat just when I was in the middle of taking some pictures.

Bye for now,
Tracy xo


Joolz said...

Oh, it’s lovely to see you back! :)

Chookyblue...... said...

Just great to be sewing.......

Jeanette said...

Great idea to turn the placemats into bags. Hugs,xx

Lisa said...

I love the bags, Tracy! And you sure are right about making even a small thing - so satisfying.

Tania said...

The Christmas bags look great Tracy.

I also want to get more sewing and crafting done this year, I have let it fall by the wayside for too long.

Glad you are enjoying family time, it is such a special time.


Janice said...

It’s a good feeling to have a quick finish. Have fun in your garden and try to stay cool.

Sharmayne said...

Great to get finishes done already!!! Yes, lots of watering going here as well. A robin arrived here Friday so hope to get it replied and in the mail next week so you should see it before too long