Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Out of practice

It would appear that not writing on my blog had become the norm for me so I kind of forget that I have this space again and hence forget to write here. Then there is also the fact that really I don't have much to write about most of the time.

Now I can share a picture of my messy writing desk with you. it seems that any paper, pens, books or stationery just landed there and I couldn't sit there and write letters or make mail art or pen a single thing in my journal.

But it took next to no time to set it to rights. Just a matter of putting things in there place. I tidied the desk a couple of weeks ago and happily it has stayed tidy. The secret (which is no secret at all), put things away when I am finished with them. Works every time 😜

And life has been pretty much in summer holiday mode here but not for long, school is back on Monday and university in early February so it will be heads down then. 

The heat has been so draining. I always have some degree of ennui during the long, hot summer months and if there is no rain- which there isn't- then it is so much worse. It's hard to shake.



I am said...

Hi Tracy so good to see you back here my friend ,thats something i need to remember to put things back where they belong,lol.
You have made my day posting xx

kiwikid said...

So you will be all geared tp for LetterMo with that tidy desk!! The got weather is draining isn't it, I need a dull day every now and than just to rest the eyes. The hot weather bashes the garden around too.

Janice said...

Now that is much better. What!? Put things away where they belong? Who'd a thunk it! Maybe I should try it...if I can make a home for some things. :) Have fun using your space now that it is nice and tidy.

Lisa said...

I *love* your desk area!! And I admire your ability to whip it into shape, too. :)

Joolz said...

Ah, ennui..that feeling of blah. I get that sometimes, usually at the end of winter (even though I like winter) but suddenly I crave sunny days.
We're in for a hot Australia Day and weekend here. We're heading to the beach with friends but will have to be so careful about sunburn. Lots of shade required! Hope you have a nice time too.

Cheers - Joolz xx

africanaussie said...

Hi tracy, I have also been very slack posting on my blog lately. When I was setting up my garden it seemed as though I had lots to say. Now it is mostly maintenance, which is a a bit boring. the heat is horrible, but at least now we are getting rain. good to see you back!

Sharmayne said...

Somewhere always ends up the dumping ground doesn't it! Love the pencil sharpener in the shape of a little house! Hopefully the robin will have made its way to your mailbox by now, but if not it should be there any day.

Pat's Patch said...

Hi Tracy, Lovely surprise to see notice of your blog post in my email! Great to read again - Do you think if I take a photo of my clutter and snap again it will magically tidy everything up! Love your sense of purpose - mine usually just stays in my head. Enjoy your slow time this year. As in years past it is too wet and ice cold winds here as it is too hot for you. So many people seem to have the Aussie flu here at the moment. I just have the usual winter head cold. But days are getting lighter as the season progresses? Have you caught sight of the Supermoon? Love for your re blogging year XXX